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Christan Joseph aka "CJ"

Christan Joseph “CJ” is a music producer/singer/rapper and writer for DOYEN, born and raised in Daly CIty, CA. Having a musically inclined family, he grew to appreciate many genres from thrash metal to gangsta rap. Being a part of many bands in high school, Christan always dreamt of becoming a rockstar, however on his own terms. In 2013, Christan finally bought gear for his first home studio setup, but didn’t really become a producer until tragedy struck. In the summer of 2014, his cousin Miguel died in tragic motorcycle accident. Christan considered Miguel as a brother, confidant and best friend. However, instead of falling into depression, inspired by the way Miguel lived his life, Christan burried himself into his music. By early 2016, Christan along with Mike Villa begun playing shows, and in 2017 linked up with Mr. No Name, and formed DOYEN. Christan’s style is unpredictable, however whatever genre, flow or subject he might be taking on, he attacks it with a veracity that is unmistakable.


SoundCloud: @christanjoseph
Instagram: @christanjoseph
Twitter: @christanjoseph_

Snapchat: @c33jayishere